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Chefs at Home: (Video) Poke Bowls

  • Chef David Blessing
  • 1 min read

By Chef David Blessing of Longwood Venues in Boston and Newport

Learn how to make poke bowls at home with Chef David Blessing of Longwood Venues in Boston and Newport, Rhode Island.

Here he walks you through every step, from how to cut the fish to how to make a soy reduction to flavor the bowl.

You can find poke supplies aplenty on our site. Here Chef David uses Nordic Blu Salmon (any of our salmons would be great here) and King Kampachi.

Another great fish choice for poke is ChalkStream Trout, and Atlantic Sea Farms fermented seaweed salad is an ideal topper.

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$ 24.00

Poke is easy to make at home. With pre-cut poke packs, it’s even easier. Originally from Hawaii, poke has become popular across the country and adapted a hundred different ways. Find your favorite!

Sold in sets of three 6 oz packs of pre-cut fish, individually vacuum-packed and super-frozen.

Varieties include Nordic Blu Salmon and King Kampachi

For an added boost, garnish your bowls with Atlantic Sea Farms Kelps and Tobiko.