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With a more delicate flavor than salmon ChalkStream Rainbow Trout has a ruby-red flesh and well-balanced fat content — which makes for a fantastic burger. 

"This product is amazing ChalkStream should be really proud" — Chef Jamie Oliver

SAFE HANDLING — Keep frozen until ready to use. Remove from packaging and defrost in the refrigerator 8-10 hours before use. Do not defrost at room temperature. Once defrosted do not refreeze and use within 3 days.

ChalkStream Trout is RSPCA Assured (Freedom Foods), Global G.A.P. and Quality Trout UK certified


ChalkStream Trout is a CleanFish. CleanFish seafood items represent the most innovative practices in seafood production and a commitment to aquaculture as an essential part of a sustainable future. CleanFish are raised to the highest standards of environmental stewardship and animal welfare.

trout, sea salt, dehydrated garlic, dehydrated onion, spices

ChalkStream Trout Burgers

An easy meal made from the best English rainbow trout.

The birthplace of fly fishing, the Test and Itchen Rivers of Hampshire are world-famous for producing the finest English rainbow trout. Taste for yourself why Jamie Oliver thinks ChalkStream Trout is one of the greatest artisan farms in the UK (video below).

ChalkStream Trout is also available in portions and cold or hot smoked.

Sold in packs of two 5 oz patties, vacuum-packed and super-frozen

Origin: England (sustainably farmed CleanFish)