The Wulf’s Story

Every morning, Sam Wulf would walk the Boston Fish Pier before sunrise, wearing his trademark white shirt and tie. When it came to procuring premium product, the man was ruthless, and local fishermen knew better than to try to sell him anything less than the best. He would return to his shop with the freshest whole fish, and clean and cut it by hand.

When Sam opened his doors in 1926, he had a singular vision: to provide the freshest, highest quality fish in town. Bostonians could taste the difference, and customers came in droves.

Two generations later, Wulf’s Fish has grown into a national brand, but that same obsession for quality still drives everything we do, from where we source our fish to how we cut and deliver it. We continue to buy directly from our fishermen, creating a uniquely transparent customer experience. Traceability is at the core of everything we do. And 90 years later, we’re still based in Boston, but we’ve expanded our reach to deliver the highest quality product – anywhere.

We think Sam would approve.


We are passionate about connecting fishermen with consumers, and transparent about our products and processes. The chefs we serve consider us a knowledgeable resource – and part of their team.


Our customers include Michelin-star restaurants and the nation’s most demanding chefs. They rely on us to meet and exceed their expectations with the highest quality fish available, every time.