New Fish. Old School.

Purveyors of the highest quality seafood to the nation’s top chefs and discriminating customers. For 90 years and counting.

Wulf's Fish — Our Story

Since Sam Wulf opened his doors in 1926, we’ve been focused on providing the highest quality, best tasting fish available. We work with artisanal fishermen who share our passion for premium, traceable seafood and are devoted to the sustainability of their catch. We love what we do and work hard to earn our customers’ trust – with every experience.

The Daily Cut

Your Fishermen

We know our fish, because we oversee our supply chain, from offload to counter. We cultivate trusted relationships with fishermen, divers, and local experts across the globe who are as obsessed as we are with quality and transparency. It’s no coincidence that they’re also the best in the business.

Our Customers

Our customers include Michelin-star restaurants and the nation’s most demanding chefs. They rely on us to meet and exceed their expectations to deliver the highest quality fish – every time.

The Catch

We offer our customers a uniquely transparent experience that sets the bar for traceability. The result is a product we’re proud to stand behind, knowing it will be served at the nation’s best tables.