From the Seaport to the Berkshires (& everywhere in between) — Every Day 

Western Massachusetts and the Berkshire region now have access to the same extensive selection of seafood as chefs in Boston and New York – the same day, just a few hours later.

Founded in 2012, our Berkshore division partners with restaurants, resorts and hotels, retailers, and independent schools and universities. With pier direct delivery 5x per week, we are the only seafood wholesaler invested in bringing the best seafood Boston has to offer to Western Mass.  

Unparalleled Access

As a part of Wulf’s Fish, we leverage a buying team with decades of experience on the Boston Fish Pier to bring you an extensive list of premium local and domestic finfish and shellfish, as well as a carefully curated list of imports. Through our CleanFish division, we have access to some of the most sustainable and progress products in the world and direct relationships with the producers who are pushing the industry forward.  ‍  

Your Eyes and Ears on the Dock 

Quality-first is our policy. Since we drive west just the seafood that has been ordered, we’re never burdened with moving sub-optimal product.  

If a species isn’t looking good that day, we’ll tell you why we’re not buying it. If we sell you a #1 tuna, it’s truly a #1 tuna and the best in the market that day.  

Every day, we make real-time, on-the-dock decisions and can make substitutions on your behalf if a product does not meet our quality or freshness standards.  

Not Just Fish in a Box — We Build Programs  

We can help you build a successful seafood program regardless of the size of your organization or ideal menu, and we’re familiar with the buying patterns and habits of our region.

Our approach to sustainability is not adherence to a single platform but using our expertise to help you make choices that answer to your values, from food miles to fair labor practices.

The pressure to stay fresh and relevant is always on. Whether you need talking points for your waitstaff, photos for social media, or want to show off your menu with a special event, we’re here to help.  

We also celebrate and advocate for our customers in the press and on social media.