With super freezing, a thawed product closely resembles the fresh version in taste, color, texture and even the nutrients that are locked in. 

All orders for Home Delivery have been individually vacuum packed and super-frozen. We do this because we believe it’s the best way to give you the highest quality product, preserved at peak freshness and available on your schedule.   

There are also serious environmental benefits with frozen seafood, especially reduced food waste.  Freezing a product at its best means it’s ready when you are and not left spoiling behind a seafood counter or in your fridge. Preventing waste is the most responsible way of conserving the resource so we can eat seafood for years to come.   

You Already Like Previously Frozen Fish. You Just Don’t Know It.  

Frozen fish gets a bad rap because the fish that is often frozen wasn’t that great to begin with, but if you’ve eaten sushi, you’ve eaten frozen fish. Many states legally require that fish be frozen before being served raw to eliminate any potential parasites. Top sushi restaurants are serving great fish that’s been previously super-frozen just like we do it.   

Our Freezer is Better than Yours.   

Freezing seafood with a specialized commercial blast freezer and freezing it at home give very different outcomes. Our process is called “Super Freezing” this freezes fish quickly and to a much lower temperature than a conventional freezer, and the taste and texture of the fish are impeccably preserved this way.    

Want the technical details on super freezing?  

OK. The way that these freezers work is connected to the way that water freezes within the cells of the fish. As the water molecules within the cells of the fish start to freeze, they move toward other molecules to form specific patterns. When the molecules pull away from the cells, they leave higher concentrations of enzymes and electrolytes that damage the cell walls. If the freeze time is slow (like in a home freezer), this movement can damage the cells much more than it would during a super freeze because of the large size of the ice crystals. When they freeze quickly, the molecules don’t have time to reposition themselves and smaller crystals form. Large clumps of ice don’t develop, and the enzymes and electrolytes stay isolated, causing less damage to the cells.  


Defrosting your seafood

Properly defrosted super-frozen fish tastes just like fresh. Honestly. We tried it ourselves, and we're really fussy. Remove the seafood from the packaging and defrost the product in the refrigerator for 8-12 hours before use. (Small items like poke and shrimp will defrost faster while large cuts can take longer.) 

Do not defrost at room temperature. Once defrosted, use within three days. Caviar will defrost quickly at room temperature and may be consumed immediately.