Ask-A-Fishmonger: How Do You Shuck a Live scallop?

  • Wulf's Fish
  • 1 min read
We love our Ask a Fishmonger series because our staff is deeply knowledgeable, and we can all learn a thing or two from each other's educational and industry experience.
Nate takes a dive into farm-raised scallops from Penobscot Bay in Maine. Learn why farmed scallops are smaller and have more plate coverage than many wild scallops and about the unique biology that allows scallops to thrive in farmed and wild ocean environments. 
And of course, learn how to shuck scallops as Nate reminisces about his time on commercial harvesting boats. Shucking and eating scallops raw with their natural flavorful "liquor" is one of Nate's favorite approaches to eating this bivalve.


Find out how they live, how they're harvested and how to shuck them from a marine biologist by training, our very own Nate Alba.