Wulf's Sponsors Chefs Feed Indie Week Boston

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Wulf’s Fish sponsored a gathering of 24 chefs (12 from Boston, 12 from elsewhere in the country) to introduce King Kampachi to them and over 400 food-loving members of the public who attended the three 12-course dinners through the traveling chef retreat and dinner series known as Chefs Feed Indie Week.

King Kampachi was featured in a different dish cooked by a different chef each night

THURSDAY — King Kampachi Ceviche, Purple Yam, Pickled Fresno, White Soy, Summer Corn & Tsar Nicoulai Caviar by Tracy Change of PAGU in Cambridge

FRIDAY — King Kampachi, Coconut Arepa, Fermented Cabbage, & Morita Oil by Jamilka Borges of Lorelei in Pittsburgh

SUNDAY — Seared King Kampachi, Local Sugar Snaps, Miso-Mustard, Mushroom Sauce, Pickled Chive Blossom by Seizi Imura of Cafe Sushi in Cambridge and Meghann Ward of Tapestry in Boston. 

Additional seafood provided by Wulf’s shined on the SUNDAY  menu as well, including:

Torched Bluefish, Thai Flavors, Peanuts by Tracy Chang of PAGU and Jamie Bissonnette of Little Donkey, both in Cambridge, MA

Raw Scallops, Lap Cheong Vinaigrette, Charred Alliums, Shio Kombu, Ajo Blanco by Rebecca Arnold of Whole Heart Provisions in Cambridge and Brett Cooper from Los Angeles

South Bay Blonde Oyster, Wine Cap, Beef Fat by Peter McKenzie of Haley Henry in Boston and Danielle Felix from Pittsburgh

Maine Mussels, Kohlrabi, Habanero Sambal Vinaigrette by Michael Serpa of Select Oyster Bar in Boston and Cara Stadler of Lio Restaurant in Portland, ME

On Sunday morning, Wulf’s Fish and sister company CleanFish co-hosted the chefs for a fish cutting demonstration by Wulf’s master fish cutter Bala Paiva and a sustainability Q&A with the team.