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The best chefs in the nation trust Wulf's Fish

Meri Lippard

America's Test Kitchen
Test Kitchen Manager

I'm continually impressed not only by the quality of product, but by the most amazing customer service and consistent source of seafood knowledge and educational information. The Wulfs Team meets our expectations and beyond when it comes to our very particular specs and special requests.

Carl Dooley

Mooncusser - Boston
Top Chef Finalist
James Beard Nominee

The quality of the fish is amazing, but the best part of working with Wulf's is the customer service. There is always someone there to answer a question, seek out a special product, or drop off an emergency order. They are the best!

Heather Tolmie

America's Test Kitchen
Test Kitchen Shopping and Receiving Lead

Our goal in the Test Kitchen is to develop the very best recipes possible. That starts with using the very best ingredients - and believe me, we have exacting standards! That's why the gang at Wulf's is such a perfect fit for us. Their quality is second to none and their wealth of knowledge continues to be an invaluable resource.

Tracy Chang

Pagu - Cambridge, MA

I love working with Wulf because it's a symbiotic relationship. They take care of us with reliable, quality product that is transparent and sustainably sourced. Their service is top; they are excellent communicators and work 'round the clock to make sure we get what we need in time, which is crucial in this industry. During Covid, they have been supportive of our nonprofit initiatives in providing donated, quality product to frontline essential workers and food insecure families in need.

Michael Geib

167 Raw - Charleston SC

We love working with Wulf's Fish. Their passion for incredible and unique product definitely sets them apart. Not only can we depend on them for quality, but they help push the envelope and are always a source for inspiration.

Cedric Vongerichten

Wayan - NYC
Perry Street - NYC

Our experience with Wulf’s Fish and the team has been very positive and refreshingly different from other seafood companies. I am always impressed with the quality of their seafood and the outstanding customer service. I highly recommend Wulf’s Fish.

Ayaka Guido

ABC Kitchen - NYC

My experience with Wulf's has always been amazing! They have the quality, selection and an emphasis on sustainability plus, the sweetest customer service. Wulf's is always willing to be there for you in a heartbeat!

Michael Smith

Farina Ristorante & Oyster Bar - Kansas City
James Beard Winner

I’ve been using Wulf’s Fish for my seafood selections. The next day delivery guarantees really fresh and fast product right off the boats to my back door.

Karen Akunowicz

Fox & the Knife - Boston
James Beard Winner, Top Chef & Top Chef All-Stars

As a long time Wulf's customer, I can't say enough about the quality of the product and the amazing customer service. I look forward to the 'Dead Fish' emails and seeing what's new!