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With its buttery flavor and dense flake, halibut is well-suited to any number of preparations, from simply grilled and topped with a punchy relish or pesto, to cut into chunks and simmered in a Thai-style curry.

SAFE HANDLING — Keep frozen until ready to use. Remove from packaging and defrost in the refrigerator 8-10 hours before use. Do not defrost at room temperature. Once defrosted, do not refreeze and use within 3 days.

Halibut Short Cuts

Everything you love about halibut, but smaller and quicker cooking! Halibut Short Cuts cook up in minutes and do everything you would do with a bigger piece of halibut — in far less time. Put them on salads, in tacos, skewer them and put them on the grill, or cut them even smaller for a chowder or seafood pie.

Sold in 1 lb packs of skinless halibut pieces, individually vacuum-packed and super-frozen.

Quantities of short cuts from each fish are limited, and this item goes in and out of stock frequently.

Origin: USA (New England, wild) or CANADA (Nova Scotia, wild)

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