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Alex’s grandmother has been making this dish for decades. Originating from the Cape Verde Islands, off the coast of Senegal in West Africa, braised bluefish is a “kitchen pantry” dish. This recipe lends itself to a variety of fish and vegetables — whatever is on hand and easy.  
  • Wulf's Fish
Summertime is upon us and we are fielding countless requests for new lobster recipes. Here I’ve included one of my favorite corn soup recipes as a backdrop for lobster salad. I love this recipe because it can be served warm on a cold and rainy summer night, or as a chilled summer soup at your next brunch party.
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When cooked properly, this fish has a really nice texture. Monkfish is often paired with winter and fall vegetables. This recipe is made to be a Summer dish with some things that might soon be popping up in your home garden, and it’s easy to put together. 
  • Jose Maldonado

Dorade is one of my favorite fish to cook whole. It’s size makes it great to roast or even cook up on the grill. With a butterflied fish, the central bone structure has already been removed, and you can portion the fish easily with a serving spoon.

  • Jose Maldonado

Think of panzanella as one big crouton salad where the vegetables are almost secondary. It’s an easy summer dish that you can load up with lots of vibrant and fresh summer vegetables. Lingcod works with this recipe because the fattiness of this white fish lends itself well to the acidity of this salad.

  • Jose Maldonado
Roasting a whole dover sole is so simple, this isn't really a recipe. Easy as it is to prepare, this is an elegant fish most often found at fine dining restaurants. Yet with just a couple of tricks, you can present this dish like a pro. 
  • Jeff Freedman
Yellowtail flounder fillets are thin when spread out flat and lend themselves beautifully to rolled and stuffed preparations like in this recipe. Here the flounder is simply rolled up by itself and baked surrounded by tomatoes and spinach in a white wine and garlic sauce.
  • Alex Martineu
Summer is nearly hereand we're all about the grill. Cooking over an open flame with your friends and family nearby can't be beat. Our lead fishmonger, Max Harvey, shares his grilling tips for perfectly grilled seafood. Follow these, and you’ll be a grill master in no time. 
  • Max Harvey
For dinner, or as hors d'oeuvres for the party with family and friends that we’re all so ready to have, these ChalkStream Trout dumplings are impressive and delicious. When you start with wonton wrappers and burger patties that are already ground and seasoned, they come together much faster than you might think. 
  • Desiree Antczak