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Steaming fish by cooking it in a foil packet is just as simple as baking it, but without the worry of drying it out. In this recipe, steaming preserves the beautiful texture of black sea bass skin that you just don’t get with a pan-fry.
  • Rebecca Nottonson
Learn from the master, Chef Youji.  Making nigiri sushi at home doesn't have to be complicated. Youji breaks the process down into steps you can apply at home.
  • Wulf's Fish
Tune in to investigate why we should get green crabs out of our oceans and onto plates from the green crab expert and founder of Greencrab.org, Mary Parks.
  • Wulf's Fish
Aromatic and flavorful, green crabs make a full-bodied stock that chefs are just now putting to use on menus.  
  • Wulf's Fish
A great way to pack extra flavor into your salmon is by marinating it. Here we use a mixture of ginger, soy sauce, and rice vinegar that slowly permeates the fish, perfectly seasoning each bite.
  • Catie Duckworth
Keneddy Lavour, co-founder of The Nada Cart, demonstrates empanada-making in our Wulf's Kitchen. 
  • Wulf's Fish
Empanadas are a staple food throughout Latin America with variations unique to each country. Keneddy Lavour, co-founder of The Nada Cart, draws on his Dominican upbringing in this fried empanada.
  • Our friends at the Nada Cart
Chef Fernanda Tapia and Wulf's own Alisha Lumea tackle red snapper crudo and lettuce wraps utililizing the same ingredients for both recipes — greek yogurt, lemon, tahini, shallots, basil, smoked paprika and more!
  • Wulf's Fish
Red snapper is one of our most versatile products. It goes great with a variety of flavors. Boston-based private chef, Fernanda Tapia, highlights its rosy, red skin in a simple lettuce wrap that makes for an easy but flavorful lunch. 
  • Chef Fernanda Tapia