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Beautiful black sea bass deservesstar treatment. Chef Fernandasearsthe fillets until the skin getscrispyand only flips it over to briefly finish cooking on the other side. This helps preserve thefishso itdoesn’t dry out and gives you that golden brown color. 
  • Chef Fernanda Tapia
Steaming in foil packets is an excellent way to prepare whole fish, because clean-up is a breeze, and the fish won’t dry out. Red snapper looks stunning in this application withitsrosy color, and the juicy white meat tastesdivine.
  • Catie Duckworth
We are obsessed with swordfish chops, and we think you will be too. Cooking these chops is much easier than it may look. There is no fuss or frills here. Just a little bit of seasoning is all that’s needed to let the luscious meat shine. 
  • Catie Duckworth
Wulf’s Kitchen: Shrimp Linguine with Tomato Sauce  Laughing Bird Organic Shrimp is a solid choice for an easy pasta dish. With the 61-70 size (that’s 61 to 70 shrimp per...
  • Catie Duckworth
This dish is a celebration of New England food pairing Massachusetts black sea bass with Maine-grown corn for polenta.  Black Sea Bass is a quintessential East Coast native.
  • Catie Duckworth
Chef Chuck Draghi of Alcove in Boston has been a fan of cooking with local green crabs since he first encountered them, and he’s a pioneer of helping develop culinary interest in the species. Since he put this bisque on his menu last summer, it’s been a top seller. 
  • Chef Chuck Draghi
Youji demonstrates the robust flavor you can extract from green crabs and beautifully blends the broth with classic ramen ingredients like anchovy-infused soy sauce and garlic shrimp.     
  • Wulf's Fish
When you think of one-pot cooking, seafood isn’t often what comes to mind, but this tagine of bright, Mediterranean flavors comes together in a flash and looks impressive on the table for a dinner party.
  • PJ Stoops
There’s a time for minimalist, straightforward cooking, and a time to pull out all the stops. This recipe is decidedly in the second category. 
  • Catie Duckworth