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While the chef-created recipes on our site are full of culinary inspiration, some feel more like a weekend project than a weeknight dinner. They’re also filled with techniques for cooking...
  • Wulf's Fish
This is a full-flavored summer dish. The cabbage comes out saucy and slightly crunchy, the char on the scallions and garlic scapes mellow out and blend well with the acidity from the lime and vinegar in the cabbage.
  • Corey Howard
I love a weeknight dinner that feels special but is actually simple and quick to come together. The Nordic Blu “short cuts” are just as delicious and straightforward to cook...
  • Leigh Belanger
If you’re the family cook, putting dinner on the table in a timely way usually trumps learning a new technique; user-friendly plating is usually more important than dramatic presentation; and ease of prep and clean-up is key.
  • PJ Stoops
An unbelievably easy and delicious recipe from our friends at ChalkStream - a good one for kids and adults alike. Serves 2 Ingredients: 2 filet portions of ChalkStream® trout (4...
  • Wulf's Fish
Recipe by Chef Tyler Stout of Troquet on South in Boston Serves 2 Ingredients: For minted peas with bacon: 3 strips bacon, cut into 1-inch pieces 1 spring onion, sliced...
  • Chef Tyler Stout
A decadent special-occasion dish that highlights the luxuriousness of Ora King salmon.
  • Chef Tyler Stout
Sometimes you want to spend all day in the kitchen on a project, and sometimes you’re looking for maximum reward with minimum effort. This casserole fits the bill for easy and delicious. 
  • Steve Barresi
Fish tacos are the epitome of easy living, and they’re a no-stress meal to make at home. Acadian redfish is a great choice, but you can use whatever fish you...
  • Desiree Antczak