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This octopus comes fully processed and pre-cooked, so all it needs is some olive oil and salt to eat cold or a quick sear on a hot grill or pan. Try it lightly pickled with lemon juice or Sherry vinegar in an octopus salad, or give it a quick sear in a hot pan and drizzle with olive oil to serve.  

SAFE HANDLING — Keep frozen until ready to use. Remove from packaging and defrost in the refrigerator 8-10 hours before use. Do not defrost at room temperature. Once defrosted, do not refreeze and use within 3 days.

Wild, pot-caught. Pot-caught octopus from Spain is rated a "Good Alternative" by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program.

Octopus, salt, bay leaf


Octopus appear as sea monsters in many mythologies. They’re also considered a culinary delicacy — especially in Mediterranean countries like Portugal and Spain, where pulpo is integral to the cuisine. 

These octopus tentacles are tenderized, fully cooked and ready to eat.

Sold in 1 lb packs of cooked tentacles, individually vacuum-packed and super-frozen

Origin: Spain (wild)