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A signature of Spanish cuisine, paella combines a long list of ingredients, including a luxurious variety of seafood, into one spectacular dish. Paella also lets you use a little of...
  • Chef Michael Shannon
The magic of a Creole dish like Shrimp Étouffée is in how the ingredients come together seamlessly. The dark roux that forms when the flour and butter cook together is the backbone of flavor under the spices and the juicy and tender shrimp. Making the roux will take constant whisking, so have all your ingredients prepped and in easy reach before you get started.  
  • Chef Justice Stewart


  • Chef Justice Stewart
For a night when you want to pull out all the stops, Nordic Blu Salmon with a garnish of hackleback sturgeon caviar won’t disappoint. The spring vegetable risotto gives a creamy counterpoint for a dish that brings together different textures and flavors. 
  • Chef Justice Stewart
Recipe by Chef Noah Poses of Jean Georges’ The Fulton in New York City. The mild, sweet flavor of Suncoast tilapia makes a great base for one of summer’s staple dishes — fish...
  • Chef Noah Poses
The fresh citrus and heat of the jalapeños is like sunshine on a plate. Best known for cooked preparations, red drum is also great for raw dishes like crudo and ceviche.
  • Chef Peter Agostinelli
An unexpected way to serve octopus, this dish has spicy, punchy flavor from the homemade curry and some added drama thanks to the black rice.
  • Chef Tim Chatigny
A super-fast, super-flavorful squid dish from chef Tim Chatigny, with a refreshing combination of flavors. The squid cooks so quickly, make sure you have everything else ready to go when you're ready to cook the squid. 
  • Chef Tim Chatigny