Chefs at Home

Crazy water, or acqua pazza in Italian, is a flavorful broth used for poaching fish. The fish is then typically served in the broth
  • Chef Andrew Hebert
The crabs from Wulf's are already cleaned for you when they arrive.  I dried them off with some paper towels when I removed them from the packaging. 
  • Chef Andrew Hebert
To streamline this simple and flavorful dish, make the curry sauce in advance — the flavors will deepen overnight.
  • Chef Ignacio Lopez
With the Kampachi crudo recipe Chef Taylor developed for Wulf’s, the top loin was the star of the show. Here, he showcases Kampachi's versatility by using the bottom loin and belly of the fish in a cooked preparation.
  • Chef Andrew Taylor
Sweet, mild tilapia lends itself well to the bold flavors in this taco. Chef Andrew dresses this taco with an El Salvadoran pickled cabbage slaw called curtido, which brightens up the flavors; and a chipotle mayo which brings some heat and silkiness to this otherwise lean fish. 
  • Chef Andrew Robinson
I wanted to make a super easy and approachable crudo recipe with Wulf’s King Kampachi and ingredients from the grocery store. In this case, I used a few of my favorite products from the Italian section of most  groceries – preserved Calabrian chile and pickled pepperoncini.
  • Chef Andrew Taylor
Curing your own lox at home takes some time, but the process is easier and less labor-intensive than you might think.
  • Chef Tony Messina
Striped Bass and heirloom tomatoes are two of the hallmarks of summer, brought together here for a dish that’s bright and bursting with flavor. 
  • Chef Ignacio Lopez
Fried Rice is one of my all-time favorite dishes. Before my cooking took a more professional (and competent) turn, good fried rice at home was my white whale.
  • Chef Mike Wiley