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An unexpected way to serve octopus, this dish has spicy, punchy flavor from the homemade curry and some added drama thanks to the black rice.
  • Tim Chatigny
A super-fast, super-flavorful squid dish from chef Tim Chatigny, with a refreshing combination of flavors. The squid cooks so quickly, make sure you have everything else ready to go when you're ready to cook the squid. 
  • Tim Chatigny
Cooking the halibut by searing and then gently cooking in a low oven until it reaches 130°F keeps the halibut meltingly tender. Paired with a buttery curry sauce, this is a...
  • Chef Alex Carpenter
Photo and recipe from Chef Tim Richards Serves 2-4  The details of this dish - herbed breadcrumbs, beurre blanc sauce - make it shine. Roast the beets, cook the lentils,...
  • Chef Tim Richards
Red drum from Mauritius is a lot like striped bass - firm and meaty with a delicious skin that gets nice and crispy when seared. Make the carrot puree and chermoula ahead of time to streamline prep for this flavorful red drum dish. Recipe and photo by Chef Tim Richards.
  • Chef Tim Richards
Recipe and photo by Chef Fernanda Tapia  Salmon crudo gets a lift from a punchy salsa made with chili japones and cucumbers. Use your sharpest knife to cut nice clean slices...
  • Chef Fernanda Tapia
  Recipe and photo from Chef Zoltan Kosa of the ReelHouse in Boston For this surf & turf, both steak and lobster are grilled; arugula-tomato salad is tossed with an...
  • Chef Zoltan Kosa
Recipes and photos by Chef Marc Sheehan of Loyal Nine in Cambridge This dish has many layers of flavor and texture - and many steps! Break it up by making...
  • Chef Marc Sheehan
By Chef Andrew Hebert of The Salty Pig in Boston  With its dense but lean meat, cod filets are an ideal candidate for oil-poaching, which adds some richness while ensuring that...
  • Chef Andrew Hebert