Chefs at Home

By Chef David Blessing of Longwood Venues in Boston and Newport Learn how to perfectly caramelize a scallop at home, and for the accompaniment, nothing says spring like peas and...
  • Chef David Blessing
This simple process of searing the King Kampachi is one you’ll want to use again and again, whether it’s prepared as the recipe details with the luxe addition of a caviar butter sauce, or with a simple green salad on a hurried weeknight.
  • Chef Marc Sheehan
By Kenneth Pinney, Chef de Cuisine at Wayan in New York Fried fish and coleslaw is a classic summer treat, and the firm texture and mild taste of tilapia makes...
  • Chef Kenneth Pinney
Perfectly seared scallops are the key to this dish, and here Chef Ian walks you through the process — with video! 
  • Chef Ian Maschal
Spring time is the best time to cook with ChalkStream Trout! I love pairing the clean trout flavor with green vegetables and herbs. 
  • Chef Carl Dooley
This dish is a bit time-consuming, but with all this free time most of us have found ourselves with, the effort will be worth it. Stinging nettles are just starting to pop up in New England, and they compliment the flavor of lobster very well.
  • Chef Eric Frier
Technique and composition set chef-created dishes apart. The individual elements here are relatively simple — a scallop quickly cured with sugar and salt, a sauce of fresh chopped herbs and some pantry staples, the humble turnip, thinly slices.
  • Chef Marc Sheehan
The marbling of Ora King Salmon makes it a delicious choice for raw preparations. Impress your family (and social media following) with this crudo that exudes restaurant style, yet comes together easier than you might think.
  • Chef Robert Sisca
This is a perfect brunch dish. It's light and has great flavors. By butter poaching the raw lobster meat, it stays incredibly tender.
  • Chef Peter Agostinelli