Chefs at Home

Ceviche claims origin in Peru but is popular in many coastal areas in South America and Mexico. The fish is "cooked " in a mixture of citrus juices and aromatics called Leche de Tigre.
  • Chef Andrew Robinson
Here haddock gets summery with a trip to the grill and a fresh salsa verde. Make the parsnip puree and salsa verde ahead of time to make this dish come together with ease.
  • Chef David Bazirgan
The “meatiness” of swordfish comes through when it gets the schnitzel treatment, coated in egg, flour and breadcrumbs, then pan fried to a beautiful golden brown.
  • Chef Andrew Hebert
Coating the halibut in flour and spices before pan-searing gives it a gorgeous golden-brown crust. 
  • Chef Mike Betts
As with other recipes from Chef Marc Sheehan, like Seared Kampachi with Stinging Nettles, Pancetta and White Sturgeon Caviar Butter and Cured Scallop with Garlic mustard, Turnip and Toasted Sesame, it’s not for the novice cook. But for those who want to apply themselves to the task, the rewards are truly impressive.
  • Chef Marc Sheehan
By our friends at America’s Test Kitchen in Boston One of our favorite partnerships is supplying seafood to America’s Test Kitchen at their Boston headquarters. America’s Test Kitchen is the most-watched cooking show...
  • America's Test Kitchen
An elegant family-style dish featuring two sustainability heavy hitters — Atlantic Sea Farms Kelp and CleanFish Norwegian Salmon. If you haven’t cooked with seaweed before, you’re in for a treat. 
  • Chef Meghan Thompson
Mix up your next backyard (socially distanced) gathering, with something sophisticated and unexpected. Don’t be afraid to fry at home! 
  • Chef Tony Messina
By Chef David Blessing of Longwood Venues in Boston and Newport Learn how to perfectly cook salmon with a crispy skin at home with Chef David Blessing of Longwood Venues in Boston...
  • Chef David Blessing