Places Search Box is fast-cooking and versatile to prepare: try it simply baked with a coating of buttered breadcrumbs for some true New England comfort food; toss it into a Mediterranean-style fish stew with tomato, saffron, and clams; or deep-fry it for a classic fish sandwich.   

SAFE HANDLING— Keep frozen until ready to use. Remove from packaging and defrost in the refrigerator 8-10 hours before use. Do not defrost at room temperature. Once defrosted, do not refreeze and use within 3 days. 

Hook and line caught 


Cod’s little cousin, haddock is in the family of groundfish found in the North Atlantic Ocean. Fast-growing haddock are identifiable by a black spot above their pectoral fin known as “the Devil’s thumbprint;” and best known by their presence in iconic dishes like finnan haddie (cold-smoked haddock) and fish and chips. Haddock can be used almost interchangeably with any recipe calling for codfish.

Sold in 1 lb skinless portions, individually vacuum-packed and super-frozen

Origin: ICELAND (wild)