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Don't be intimidated by squid — it's easy to cook and super-versatile. Try it sauteed with olive oil and garlic and tossed with pasta, or stuff and poach it in a tomato-y sauce.

SAFE HANDLING — Keep frozen until ready to use. Remove from packaging and defrost in the refrigerator 8-10 hours before use. Do not defrost at room temperature. Once defrosted, do not refreeze and use within 3 days.

Wild-caught off Massachusetts. US domestic fisheries are highly regulated for the sustainability of wild fish populations.


Most commonly known by restaurant-goers in their battered and fried state (fried calamari), squid are a delicious, versatile, sustainable seafood choice that’s easy to cook at home (no fryer required).   

Fast-growing and short-lived, squid are a common species off of the Northeast coast, and according to our longtime head buyer, are more plentiful and easier to catch in the spring and fall, when water temperatures are changing and the cephalopods are moving in search of food and warmer water. 

Sold in 1 lb packs of tubes and tentacles, vacuum-packed and super-frozen

Origin: USA (wild)